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Welcome to my website dedicated to web development! Discover innovative tips and inspiring projects. Dive into the captivating world of the web and let yourself be inspired by the enriching content that I share. Ready to explore?
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Passionate about web development, I divide my time between technical expertise and community sharing. Former manager converted 6 years ago, I focus my energy on offering digital experiences user-focused.

Currently employed at Lucca as a Frontend Software Engineer, I'm improving the Developer Experience of multiple teams by providing them with tools and documentation to help them build and maintain their applications. Find our job board on Welcome to the Jungle.

Certified Angular Developer level 3, I share this expertise with the community as a moderator on the official Angular Discord server, as maintainer of open source projects and via media creation (blog/ streaming).

I also support Ada Tech School with mock interviews and on MyJobGlasses.


Frontend Software Engineer - Lucca

From 2024 - Lucca, Nantes, France

Designing and creating tools to improve the Developer Experience of the teams.

Frontend Lead Developer - Fircosoft

2023 - SFEIR, Paris, France

UI/UX referent for development teams. Maintenance of the Design System. Implementation of accessibility criteria in applications. Advice and support to QA teams for Cypress.

Staff Engineer - SFEIR

From 2022 to 2023 - SFEIR, Nantes, France

Technical referent for the frontend community through articles, courses, and conferences. Participation in the recruitment process.

Frontend Lead Developer - Verlingue

From 2020 to 2022 - SFEIR, Nantes, France

Redesign of an extranet for mutual insurance members. Participation in improving the UX journey. Participation in the recipe with the team of testers. Cordova development for deployment on stores Team made up of 3 developers. Full remote work.

FullStack Developer - SIGMA

From 2019 to 2020 - SII, Nantes, France

Redesign of a goods transport management application for HMIs created in Delphi using ActiveX. Retro engineering on old features and development of new features. Team made up of 4 developers in collaboration with a functional recipe team of 3 people. Work in 3-week sprints.

FullStack Developer - Bodet

2019 - SII, Nantes, France

Development of applications for remote control of sports match results panels. Development of two POCs: web application and WearOS connected watch application. Remote work 4 days a week. Work in collaboration with the marketing team and the testing team.

FullStack Developer - La Poste

From 2018 to 2019 - La Poste, Nantes, France

Design and development of a web application for analyzing server logs. Responsible for the build and deployment of versions of the HR IS (HR Access). In a team with a work-study student (technical support).

Operational manager - Docaposte

From 2010 to 2017 - Docaposte, Rennes, France

Operational management of a team of 10 people in an industrial environment (publishing)..


Angular Developer level 3


Angular Developer level 2